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End Matter

The style of gameplay we decided to create was a visual-novel game, which was the most rewarding for all of us, as we could hone in on our interests the most. I wrote a script document which used colours to coordinate the choices that would appear for the player and the variables they would affect so the programmer could easily implement the information relating to the decisions. I matched the colours with the text that would appear according to each choice to allow the programmer to easily copy paste the text using if statements. The project ended up taking four months to create and received high appraisals from colleagues and professors. It was made using Unity and Fungus.

End Matter was created by a group of three designers. The design challenge was to design a non-linear narrative game that contained compelling branching choices. Upon forming the group, we immediately agreed we all wanted to create something slightly supernatural and dealt with themes of death. As a student who knew from the beginning I was set on narrative design, I took on a leadership role in organizing the group and the documentation of the project. I created a design document so all vital information would be stored together.

In addition to script writing, I also created artwork for the game to assist our artist with the work-load. I designed the main character, Jun (depicted on the left), and one of the supporting characters, Okami (depicted on the right).

Okami neutral.png

You can play through our story here.

Jun happy.png

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